Camera holding tips and tricks

Karl Taylor demonstrates in this video his methods of holding a camera with a bigger lens in order to avoid blurry images. The main goal is to remove camera shake as this will result in better quality photographs that you make. This becomes extremely important when you have to shoot in low light situations, which often demands not only higher ISO but also longer shutter speed.

  • Try to give your camera three points of contact: your right hand, your left hand under the lens and your eyebrow.
  • Never stand with your legs close to each other, place one leg behind the other - making your pose more stable.
  • Use any objects that you can lean to (a tree, a bench, etc.)
  • Press a shutter release button when exhaling.
  • Usually use your shutter speed related to your lens length: if you shoot with a 200 mm lens, do not use a longer shutter speed than 1/200 sec.

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