How to remember good poses for portraits

Oliver Pohlmann gives an easy tip on how you can remember good poses for your subject on a shoot. Often beginner photographers experience difficulties posing people and it may really ruin your image even if your settings were chosen right and you had an excellent composition. Just bringing an album of poses will look unprofessional and you do not want to do that. However there is a simple solution. Before you go on a shoot search on Google Images or Pinterest photographs of people in a similar shooting conditions, select 10 to 20 images and make photos of them from your computer screen. Your memory card in the camera should be formatted before you do that. So when you are on location, just view some of the images from Google Images or Pinterest on your camera screen as if you are adjusting its settings or reviewing previously done photos. The reason why you need to format your card first is that you can then move forward from the last taken photo to view those poses. It is really handy. Over the time the number of images with poses that you need will decrease and you may only need 3 or 5 poses to refer to, until you feel confidence and need to such help at all.

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