How to increase contrast with a flash

Bryan Peterson gives his professional advice on how to shoot flowers and make them pop up avoiding sometimes clumsy background. All you need is an external speedlight that can help you make the background almost black. Position your flash outside of the camera, you can use a Pocket Wizard unit or a simple cable to fire the flash. He had his settings as f22, and with his flash he had to dial 1/8 power because of the short distance to the flower. Bryan wants to underexpose the ambient light in background. So he makes the shutter speed faster than in the first image shot without a flash. But he leaves the aperture the same f22. One of mistakes that people do is shooting in Aperture priority mode with a flash which means they add the speedlight light to the ambient light. You need to switch to Manual mode and set a faster shutter speed if you want to make your background darker.


  1. When shooting with the flash view of the object in the frame can be varied by controlling the intensity, location and spread of light from a flash. In normal lighting conditions influence the appearance of the object in the frame, so it is possible only by changing the exposure and depth of field. Or do some editing with (my favorite mac editing soft for photo contrast).

  2. The tripod will dispose of camera shake, thus abstains from destroyed indoor picture photos. photolemur