Best Poses Tips for Female Portraits and more

  • Joe Sinnott gives his advice on portrait photography. He explains what poses are best for women. First of all your model should dress nice. It does not have to be really fancy but a t-shirt with a logo may not be appropriate even for a casual shoot.
  • Putting a hand under your chin won't work well for your portrait. You are hiding half of your face and most of your body by doing this.
  • Try not to photograph your model below the eye line. Sticking above the eye line works better.
  • Smiling is always preferred in portrait photography. But pressing the tongue to your teeth so that it becomes visible is not such a good idea.
  • Keep talking to your subject, praising how she looks and giving her gentle directions. When you refer to left or right, make sure it is your model's left and right.
  • The model needs to look into your lens, it means she looks to the viewer.
  • Shoot people a bit across their shoulders, it makes them look thinner.
  • In a shade use a reflector to add light to your subject's face.
  • Your model should be relaxed and ready to accept your directions.

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