How to shoot waterfalls

Juan Pons demonstrates how you can take pictures of a waterfall so that the water looks like smoothly flowing. The only technique to use in this case is slow shutter speed because if you set a fast shutter speed, the water will be frozen in its movement. You will need a tripod to stabilize your camera.  The shutter speed needs to be from 1,5 sec to 4 sec, it highly depends on how much water is falling down. If it is much water, you may get by with 1,5 sec but if there is a tiny waterfall, you had better choose a longer speed of 3-4 seconds. Set the lowest ISO that your camera can handle, usually 100 or 50 ISO. Also you can use small aperture (f8 to f16) to reduce the amount of light coming through your lens. If you are shooting in a daylight, you may need a neutral density filter (ND), they can reduce your exposure to 3 - 6 stops. A  poralizer filter is also a must when shooting water to avoid its reflections.

Read this in-depth tutorial:

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