Different Light Sources Explained

Jerry Ghionis is a famous wedding photographer from Australia. He created this lighting tutorial in cooperation with B&H. Jerry covers different lighting situations (direct sun light, candles, on and off camera flash, window lighting, video light, LED light) by showing examples of his photo shooting. He shows that if you are creative with already available light sources, you may get great shots no matter what your location is. The masterclass is more for advanced photographers who know their photo gear. One of the tips he shares is how to use on camera flash. He does not mean the built-in flash in your camera, but rather a flash unit that you attach to your camera. The main rule is to bounce the light that comes from the flash off a wall or a ceiling. In order to do that you need to turn the flash head to the right angle at every shoot and change this position if you move around or go from horizontal to vertical framing. Even in a room with black walls you can still use this technique if you have something white, like a table or a reflector or your assistant's white shirt. This tutorial is highly recommended for those who want to learn profy's tricks and Jerry is generously sharing his experience with us.

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