Wedding Portrait Techniques Indoors

Bruce Dorn explains and shows in this video tutorial how he uses speedlights with and without softboxes and umbrellas to shoot a bride and a groom in a large hall. He has a big shoot through umbrella equipped with three speedlights. His master flash on the camera (master) controls other speedlights via wireless radio transmitter. He uses a small softbox as his key light. If you have just one speedlight, detach it from your camera (you may use a Canon speedlight cord) and point it to some reflective surface. You need to mind the color of this surface because it is going to affect the color temperature of your light coming to the subject and if it is a brick wall, you will get some red tint.

In the second part Bruce shows how he photographs a dance by using two bare speedlights pointing at each other so that the couple stays between them and Bruce can take shots from all four corners.

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  1. Good to know about the wedding portrait techniques here. It was just so nice share. I also would be covering cousin’s wedding day that would be hosted at one of the hillside Chicago wedding venues. The aerial photography will also be needed so I was wondering if you could share some tips for that.