How to Find a Model for Photoshoot

If you are a beginner in photography and your interest is portraiture, you need to have a model to photograph. Of course you can use your family members or friends but sometimes it is not possible and you need to find a stranger model.

This video shows how two guys were out on a shoot and how they invited girls to model.

  • Models' websites and Facebook groups can be a source for local models. Try to use a local website if possible.

  • Make a portfolio to show a model, at least a few pictures that tell what kind of photography you do.

  • Aim at those models who need to build up their own portfolio.

  • Seek TFP or TFCD models. It means that neither a photographer, nor a model is paid any money. The model receives prints or a CD with digital images in return for their time.

  • Obtain a model release which will allow you to use the photos you took. Download model release (PDF).

  • Ask a model to send you some of her photos to see what her strengths and weaknesses are beforehand.

  • Be polite and business like with a model. Try to establish a good rapport with them and make the whole process easy and enjoyable. Do not touch a model!

  • Inform the model of the location, costumes, make-up that  you have planned.

  • You need to agree beforehand on who pays a studio rent and a make-up artist costs, if any. Or whether you share these costs.

  • Once you have done the shooting, act in a professional way to deliver your model what you have promised (prints or a CD).

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