How to Improve your Portraits

  1. Use at least a 6 megapixel camera

  2. Always shoot in FINE mode and save images in Jpeg or RAW if you have a DSLR

  3. Ask your subject to wear solid colors. Pattens can be distractive

  4. Shoot against a white background

  5. Lighting is very important, shoot in the room with lots of natural light coming from large windows (use them as softboxes)

  6. Edit later, spend all your time shooting and trying to get the best result with as little post processing as you can

  7. Do not move

  8. Experiment with different poses and emotions, be creative

  9. Shoot as much as possible. The more images you produce, the better chances are for good pictures.

  10. For better quality of lighting use a bounce card.

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