DIY Family Photos Tips

Family photos are great for memories.

  • To make a good family photo try creating a relaxed atmosphere that allows all those wonderful personalities to shine. Aim at your portraits to look natural.

  • Position your family members artistically, not like furniture. DO not use lines, place the people at different height levels instead. If you have a large group of people, try splitting them into smaller groups to fill your composition trying it to look natural.

  • Showing the relationships between the people on your photo is very important.

  • Catch candid moments.

  • Fill the frame, concentrate on your subject and eliminate elements that are not important in your composition. Zooming in often helps getting rid of busy background.

  • Shoot subjects at the eye level.

  • Try experimenting with crazy angles.

  • Beware of red eyes.

  • Choose the right clothes, the clothe that work well together. Focus on your family and do not let their clothes to distract viewer's attention. Clothes should be matching and create and impression that the family is connected.

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