How to Wet Clean DSLR Sensor

You do not clean the sensor, you clean the filter that is attached to the sensor. But to keep it simple everybody refers it as a sensor.

Some people clean their camera sensor every day while others do it annually. It really depends on the environment you are using your camera in, how often you change your lens, etc. If you do not see dust spots on your images, do not clean it. However, if you have an important shooting ahead, make sure you do a sensor inspection beforehand and if necessary - clean it.

When actually doing the cleaning, do it in a clean, dust free room. You also do not want to be disturbed during the process and it will take 15-30 minutes. Usually a bathroom is the cleanest room in house. Choose your working space far from fans or air conditioning, better turn them off.

You can use a rocket blower, Eclipse liquid, sensor swabs and sensor inspection device.

You first use the blower. Swabs are the ones that actually touch the sensor. They come in 3 different sizes, depending on the size of your sensor. You will apply Eclipse solution on the swab.

First step is to put your camera into a cleaning mode, the menu depends on the make. The blower can remove big dust pieces well but for moisture dust cannot be removed with the blower.

Open the swab's package and apply three drops of Eclipse solution. See the video for instructions on how to use the swab. You must not reuse the swab.

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