How to Take Better Photos of Pets

The best pet photos are those that capture unique pet personality. However taking photos of pets is quite challenging because they are constantly moving, changing. They will not pose for you so you have to follow them and catch them in action.

  • Shoot a lot of photos so that you can delete bad ones and still have a good chance to get a good shot.

  • Try to show your pet's personality.

  • Use Action (or Sport) shooting mode in your camera which gives shorter shutter speed.

  • Anticipate where your subject is heading so you will be ready to shoot when he gets there.

  • Press your shutter release button half way to freeze the focus.

  • Get in close or let them get close to you.

  • Get down to the pet's level.

  • You may need to use some signal to attract their attention.

  • Try photographing the fur, tail or other beautiful parts of your pet. Go for details and make a really unique image.

  • Get a pet helper.

  • Get rid of glowing pet's eyes.

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