Techniques for Better Photography with T1i

If you have a Canon T1i or any other DSLR camera, there basic techniques may be useful when you learn your way in digital photography.

If you have a dark situation, use the exposure compensation and dial it to +2. It will make your subject much brighter. In the opposite situation, dial it to -1 and your photo will be a bit darker.

The same way you can control your flash output power. There are situations when too much flash can make your models flat. In this case, go to the menu and dial the flash compensation to -2.

If you want to make the background out of focus, just switch to Av (Aperture priority) mode and dial the smallest figure possible for your lens (2.8 or 3.5 or ...).

It is also a very effective technique to use a white card to lighten your model's face by reflecting sun or sky light back to the face.

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