How to Make Good Photos at Night

This video tutorial explains how you can get good results from photographing at night. City's best images are made at night but it is a real challenge when there is not enough light. If you have a DSLR camera, you can change a few settings and achieve nice looking photo images even at night. First of all if you leave your camera in the Auto mode, the results will probably be disappointing. There two main rules to avoid too dark photos:

  1. increase the exposure (open the lens by setting the smallest f number and use longer shutter speed)

  2. have your camera steady on a tripod.

Change your mode to manual (M). Open the lens to the maximum at the given focal length. Increase the shutter speed to 1 sec and if your image is too bright, use half a second. There are situations when you need to set your shutter speed to 15 or even 20 sec. At such slow shutter speed, your camera will shake regardless of how strongly you can hold it in your hands and even if there is a built in camera or lens stabilization. You definitely need to use a tripod. When you mount your camera on a tripod, do not forget to turn off any camera or lens stabilization because it may add shake by itself. Use a self timer or an optional remote control to release.

When photographing the city at very slow shutter speed, you can achieve nice trails of car lights.

When done, switch back to AUTO or P mode.

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