How to Use Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn the basics of using a vanishing point filter in Photoshop. See how to setup a perspective grid and clone in 3D space, also place graphics in a perspectively correct environment. A new logo will be placed on a side of the truck.

Model Portfolio Photography Tips

This is a real life shooting session of a model's portfolio. The photographer explains what he wants from the model. He is constantly moving around the studio to find the best angle. He suggested to put a reflector to soften strong shadows from sun light. One side of model's face is dark, so he wants to use a reflector. However, harsh lighting emphasizes the model's shape which cannot be achieved by soft light.

A model should be and look relaxed because the message she needs to convey is how she is enjoying the clothes she is wearing.

If a photographer asks the model to do something, like straightening her hair, she should do it in slow motion.

What is a High Key Portrait

Garry Edwards tells in this masterclass about shooting portraits. First of all you need to find out the purpose of the photo, as your client/model sees it. Be it an image for a corporate web site or a gift to a partner. Basing on this you can think up how you should shoot it.

If your subject is looking into a big source of light placed very close to the subject, shadows will not be hard on his/her face. The further away you take the light source, in this case it was a light box, the harsher the shadows become.

If you want to have a circle of light behind the model's head, put a light beamer directed onto the background. You can also use some color gel. Blue is popular because it goes well with red and all people's skin has red color. It is also a good idea to overexpose the background by at least 1,5 stops.

High key effect means the absence of any dark tone in the photo. This technique produces good results when you need to hide any imperfections of the model's face. If you set exposure on the model's eyes and lips, only eyes and lips will be shown on the photo image while her skin will be overexposed and thus too bright.

Fill light on the other hand is placed where it lights whole subject.

Candid Photography Tips

Erin Manning speaks about candid photography and what it takes.

The only way to capture magical moments that appear for an instant to be gone in a second, is to shoot without the model posing. You will be able to produce really memorable photos that show life being lived naturally and genuine emotions of the people you shoot.

A few tips for candid photography:

  • Always bring your camera with you and be ready to shoot;

  • Never use flash;

  • Do not worry about your composition as you can always crop it later at home;

  • Expect a shutter lag in your camera and avoid it by half pressing the shutter release button;

  • Occasionally using a self timer may become necessary;

  • Try to be and look discreet, dress in black.