Practice Framing and Learn Your Camera

Marc Silber gives an introduction on how to take better photos.

First of all make friends with your camera. Read the manual and know how it operates. Pros always know their pieces of equipment as this is a starting point.

Despite the above advice, it is not the camera that makes you a photographer. Any piece of equipment can produce a good photo as it is just a tool.

Framing your shots well is what makes a difference. You need to use the space of the frame in the best way. In order to learn this skill, a simple framing card is often recommended. Just cut out a 3 by 2 rectangle and always take this card with you. Instead of setting up all your photo gear to compose a picture, opt for faster capturing the frame with your card. It will train your eyes to find the best composition.

As C. Bresson said, Framing is a precise organization of forms which give that event a proper expression.

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