How to Make a Panorama

In order to make a panorama you do not need a fancy camera and expensive tripods. You can use your point&shoot camera that you normally use.

All you have to do is making a series of photos. Start from the left.

Hold your camera steady and at the same level horizontally. Shoot one image and turn a little bit to the right overlapping the previous photo.

Make five to seven photos.

You can use a program called ArcSoft Panorama to actually build your panorama from the images you have taken. Just start the program, select the folder where your images are located and chose the first one. The software is so smart that it recognizes the whole series of images and suggests to open all of them. When all images are loaded, the program will stich them together. Usually the output is good enough to skip any further editing. Just save a new photo and it is ready for printing.

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