Secrets of Using Tripod

A tripod is a stand for your camera and a mount is something that connects it to your camera. You need a tripod when your shutter speed is long and you want to avaoid hand shake. If you hold your camera in your hands, there is going to be a slight movement and in longer exposures it will be noticable by blur images.

Another advantage of using a tripod is when shooting in studio or doing group shots. In these cases you do not usually have to change your settings and it is useful to have your camera rest on a stand while you adjust the lighting or arrange the people in the group.

If your camera is heavy, heavy lengs for example, tripod is also very desireble.

Do not buy cheapy tripods. Their quality leaves much to be desired, they are mostly made of plastic, their mounts are fused to the tripod.

A tripod can cost you from $100 to $3000 and a decent one can be obtained these days for about $230, including the mount.

Pay attention to the material it is made of. It can be steel or carbon fiber which affects its weight and durability. Choose the size you will be comfortable with when travelling. Ball heads are usually quite expensive.

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