Learn Focussing in dSLR Cameras

In order to take full advantage of shooting with a dSLR camera, you need to learn how it focusses.

You will see in the viewfinder 9 points with one in the center and 8 over the perimeter. These are focussing points. Most often people set the central focussing point active and use it all the time. However you can switch between these points according to your needs. Just press a special button (refer to your camera manual) and you will see that one of the points becomes red. By rotating the primary selection wheel or moving the joystick you can switch the focussing point from one to another or to the situation when all 9 points are selected (red). When all points are read it means that the camera will automaticall choose the focussing point that it believes to be right in a particular composition, usually it will focus on the closest to the camera subject.

Another important tool to use is the shutter release button that has two stops. When you half press it, the camera focusses on something and starts metering. So if you hold this button half pressed and move your camera, the chosen focus point and metering will remain the same. It allows achieving creative shots because you get something in focus and then recompose.


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