General Photography Tips

Evaluate the Lighting Situation

  • Sun, Shade, Incandesent, Halogen?

  • Look around: highlights, shadows, spotlights.

  • Put your subject in good light.

  • Look for reflection/catchlight in the eyes.

  • Use lamps, spotlights, etc.

Shoot in Low Light/Available Light

  • Increase your ISO

  • Increase your Aperture (F-stop)

  • Decrease your Shutter Speed.

  • Focus manually if autofocus fails.

  • Brace on Thinks (tripod, gear bags).

  • Try manual settings/metering.

Learn Your Camera

  • Isolate the variables (depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, etc.)

  • Play, tweek, shoot lots, share your photos, get feedback, change it up.

  • Share gear - find someone you can test out lenses, flashes, etc. with.

  • Set the white balance.

Rule of Thirds.

Get high, Swing low

  • People look better from above.

  • Stand on things

  • Lay down

  • Get the angle

  • Change your perpective

How to be a pretty subject?

  • Laugh, smile, have fun!

  • Make eye contact with the camera.

  • Stand in the light.

  • Get close, show some love

  • Stand still

General Photography Tips from Kris Krug. Kris Krug is part photographer and part open source web entrepreneur.

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