Formal Pose for Female Portrait

First of all turn the body of your model in 45 degrees. Turn in the shoulders. Have her drop her back (from you) shoulder a bit to achieve basic composition.

These is what you should be thinking: pose, light, lift and refine.

To get beatiful shadows you need to place your light source a bit higher. You can adjust the light by asking the model to turn her head. That way you can control the shadows and you can always move your camera to choose the right position.

Your camera level should be just above the model's eyes. An adjustable posing stool is highly recommended.

The closer you come to the subject, the upper your camera gets.

Ask your model to lean a bit forward. Ask her to smile.

Always use a tripod even when you are shooting in a studio. If you need to quickly take out a hair, you won't have to recompose having a tripod.

Tip the camera towards the higher shoulder of the model.

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