Five Wedding Tips

  • Go for details. The bride and the groom have prepared so many special things that it would be a pity if these small details are not documented on your photos. There is so much going on on the wedding day, try to stop and pay attention to some unique elements of decoration, etc.

  • Expect unexpected. The best images are those, when a couple does not know you are shooting them. You can catch a very tender look or sentimental touch and make your photos personal to the couple.

  • Neat backgrounds. Try avoiding boring backgrounds. Look for cool colors and patterns surfaces that will compliment the couple's dresses.

  • Daddy's little girl. The moments when dad takes the bride to the church are most emotional and memorable. So you always should pay close attention to this part of the ceremony.

  • A new life ahead. When it is over, it is time for new family life and you really should convey this transition.

How to Use a Mirror for Glamour Lighting

Rod Evans shows us how he achieves glamour look of the model with just a small mirror.

He has grid lights behind the model and two softboxes on both sides in his studio. In order for the light not to come into his camera he has to set a board cover. Now to emphasize the model's eyes he uses a small mirror with a tape. He left a narror area of the mirror only and he beams the light to the model's eyes, which gives a good effect.

White Balance Manipulation


In this video you will learn how you can achieve color effects of your photos if you use a set of home made white balance cards.

First of all you need to prepare cards of various colors. It is advisable to laminate them in order for them to last longer.

Once you have various colors cards in your photo bag, you can set a custom white balance setting on your camera. In order to do it you simply zoom into the card and press the button telling your camera to use this particular color as white. They you shoot an image.

You can see in the video examples of the same photo, that was made with dirrefent white balance settings.

It may stimulate your creativity and produce eye catching images.

How to Shoot Landscape


You obviously want the landscape to look as spectaclular on your photo as it does in real life. The first tip is to pay attention to the lighting conditions. Generally the best time of the day is just after the sunrise and one hour before the sunset. It is called a Golden hour because it gives you soft shadows and warm glow that cast of everything.

Choosing the right location is also very important. You do need to turn your flash off. As the shutter speed is quite long when you shoot landscape, it is really advisable to steady your camera, preferably on a tripod. It will help you avoid any camera movement.

Of course you can shoot in the middle of the day too. You may experiment of how you do it.

Use landscape shooting mode or high aperture setting on your camera. People or other subjects like posts can give you a feel of perspective.

The rule of pro photographers is to place your subject off center, that way you can create a really beautiful image. Natural elements (like trees) can be used to frame your photo.