How to Take Great Shots and not Snapshots

Rick Sammon explains and gives examples on how you can turn ordinary snapshots into really great shots that you will be proud of.

The first advice is to hike. It means that when you see some subject that you want to take a photo of, you should walk around it looking for an non-standard angle. That way you photograph will not be boring, like 10,000 others already taken of the same subject.

You can also play with the level which you are holding your camera at. Try to move it a bit down or a bit up and you will notice that by doing this simple trick you can avoid so called dead space in your shot.

It is always advizable to think of what you want to achieve and try different approaches. Be as much creative as you can and it will pay you with decent photos.

In one of his examples Rick shows how he managed to turn a dull snapshot into a rather artistic photography. Instead of shooting the subject on the beach straight forward, he just walked on the other side of it to shoot into the sun. He got a dramatic silhouette.

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